Komando Av A.Ş. was founded by İbrahim ŞEREMET in 1980 in Balıkesir. The founding purpose of our company is; To offer world-class weapons, hunting and nature sports equipment to Turkey's hunters, fishermen and other nature sports enthusiasts,

Since its establishment, in addition to representing many famous brands (45 brands) in the international and local markets, it also carries out their import-export and distribution through nearly 1000 hunting dealers, both domestic and international.

Komando Av, one of the leading companies in this sector, entered the rapidly developing explosives sector in our country in 2012. By including experienced employees of the sector, it carries out explosives storage, sales, underground and aboveground blasting services.

First of all, a 20 Ton Capacity Hunting Equipment Warehouse and 75 tons and 50 tons Explosive Materials Warehouses were put into operation on an area of 900,000 m2 in Balıkesir/Tatlıpınar.

In this context; Komando Av, an international organization on Hunting and Hunting for 36 years; Anfo, Emulsion explosives (Capsule Sensitive, Capsule Insensitive), Non-Electric Capsules, (Nonnel Capsule) and commercial products; It provides sales and detonation services of Detonating Wicks, Safety Wicks and other explosive accessories.

Our activities in the explosives sector;

  • Sale of all kinds of materials needed by the Construction and Mining sector,
  • Sale of non-electric ignition systems,
  • Explosive storage and transportation services,
  • Complete drilling and blasting services,
  • Special blasting applications,
  • technical consultancy,
  • Engineering services,
  • We successfully carry out mobile warehouse supply and installation works.


Contact Information

Paşaalanı Mah. 225. Sk. No: 2A Karesi/Balıkesir


+90 266 266 266 0